Friday, May 4, 2012


The first thing we did in NYC today was went to the council of foreign affairs this was a great experience because i really didn't know about this at all and i felt like it was a very important thing that is very under looked by the government. I never knew how big of a problem things affected even us overseas and how even little things change their views about us and our views about them.

The second thing we went to was Saint pa tricks  cathedral like all of these it was built in a cross shaped form had many very pretty windows and a huge amount of seating it was also very nice that there was a quite chapel for people to pray behind it all where your not allowed to talk or take pictures.It was a very very nice place.

The last place we went today was Rockefeller it was the best site i have ever seen of the city at the top you could see everything all over the city you could also see new jersey and other things it was very very nice it also gave me a big idea of just how big grand central park was and i really didn't know it was that big it was a great place to take pictures of almost everything in the city.We then wrapped up the day with a few last hours in time square.

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