Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 3 - End of the Road

It is our last day in New York and let me say it was a fun one. My favorite parts were going to the China Town, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and top of the Rock. China town was great because we got to see all the small shops and vendors but what was the best was going with Amanda to the little bakery. The food was rockin’. Their food was so good and very affordable. Every food item was on $1. That is crazy! Everything else in New York is expensive but then we get to China Town and you surely can’t go wrong! We didn’t get much time there but I enjoyed it.

Next was St. Patrick’s Cathedral and it was stunning. The inside and outside was very beautiful. I was amazed when Amanda had told us that the church was being built about the time that Ellis Island had opened and that the Irish immigrants had used every penny they had to build the church which showed that there was a lot of meaning behind it and I from what I saw, you could tell that they had put great work into building it. After going to the church I realized that I really had a thing for older churches. I just love how they look, the architect of them, and there just tends to be a lot of meaning behind the building itself and that is what I love most. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was just a great site to see.

Lastly we went to top of the rock and let me tell you that I was a little frightened. I am not a fan of heights so I was a little scared when we were flying up to the top on the elevator but once we got up there it was truly an amazing site. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

The day was a good last one even though I think that Day two was my favorite day. I loved everything that we visited. I am going to miss New York and all the places it has to offer. If I were ever to get a good job there I would take it in a heartbeat! It was a fun trip and I hope to visit sometime soon.

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