Friday, May 11, 2012

A Home for Kids

My idea that I had to help change the world was to start in orphanage. I would start all my ideas here and get all the money, supplies and anything else I would need then travel to where ever a home for children was needed. I would hold as many children as possible and teach them the skills they would need to better themselves for later in life. I would teach them to cook, clean, grow a garden, and I would also educate them. Teach them to care and love for others and respect others.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Education Reform

In order to help America further better itself in education, I have developed a plan that would help with unused old textbooks. Schools could return their old textbooks to book companies for a percentage off of new textbooks. This would encourage schools to purchase more up-to-date textbooks for the students and help keep the schools in budget. When the companies received the old textbooks, they would then send the books to schools in third world countries that would need them, such as South Sudan. I believe this would not only help Americans but also be helping out other countries.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hopper to help

"Hopper to help" a foundation that would help the main problem in the world which is hunger and starvation.Hopper to help is a organization that farmers can donate a hopper or half of a combine full of whatever they are harvesting to a food bank, to help out people overseas and in america. Even a little can help more than anyone thinks, this give every farmer a true opportunity to not only solve one of the worlds greatest problems, but also potentially save a life.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."

Poverty is a problem that affects every country in the world. We need to provide the 'generation of the future' with a future. The problem with wide-spread poverty is limited access to food, clean water, vaccines, and education. In order to solve this, there are many possibilities. Child sponsorship is the most direct way to provide aid, short of traveling to a country, that is. Other solutions include getting involved and volunteering for groups that provide sustainable resources to countries in need. Willow Creek's 'Celebration of Hope' is one of these programs that is providing over 1 million seed packs to villages who need food and jobs.

THE BIGGEST THING THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IS A GLOBAL PARADIGM SHIFT. We need to realize that we're not the only ones on this planet and that we have the capacity to help other people. This needs to start with the youth of the world. Raising them in an environment that promotes giving to those in need will only burgeon their desire to help in the future and use that to help other people get involved in giving support to those in need. We can change the world; LET'S DO IT!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Night in NYC!

Broadway was the one big thing for me while I was in New York that I had to go to. My dream was to go to see Phantom of the Opera. Thats what I did. Brandon and I both bought tickets and we were seeing the 8 o clock show on Friday. We were so thrilled and our adreninal was going. Our brains and minds were in some many different places at once. We walked into the theatre and our hearts were racing. When I was younger my sister had seen Phantom on Broadway and I knew I wanted to see it as well. From growing up on watching the movie and listening to the music, my expectations were very high and the performance was sooooo much better then the movie. I couldnt take my eyes it for one second. So much just like the movie but at the same time there were small things that made the movie and the play different. Small things but those were the things i noticed. Some of the things they did to show off the talents of each performer was perfect and I would definitely go see this performance again.
After Brandon and I return to the bus it was all loud and fun inside. Our bus driver was totally up for partying with us. We cranked up the music and messed with the lights. Like a party! Funny thing was there was a group of people out on the street and were looking at the van like "umm what is going on?" We didnt care about them, we were having a blast and enjoying our last night in New York.

A Memorial Never Forgotten

To me when this happened I was not old enough to really understand what went on that morning in September. I was in 3rd grade when the towers can down. Personally I did not lose anyone in the Trade Towers but I have seen friends of friends lose loved ones. One thing I loved was the what the city has done, is what they are doing to remember everything. Where the towers stood are now fountains and along the side of the fountain are engravings of each persons name that lost their lives in the attack. They have a whole memorial for the world to see. Something I personally liked was someone had brought flowers and stuck them into names their loved ones. I think that is very touching and shows that they will never be forgotten in the world. Everyone else might but those families will remember them forever.

Day 3 - End of the Road

It is our last day in New York and let me say it was a fun one. My favorite parts were going to the China Town, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and top of the Rock. China town was great because we got to see all the small shops and vendors but what was the best was going with Amanda to the little bakery. The food was rockin’. Their food was so good and very affordable. Every food item was on $1. That is crazy! Everything else in New York is expensive but then we get to China Town and you surely can’t go wrong! We didn’t get much time there but I enjoyed it.

Next was St. Patrick’s Cathedral and it was stunning. The inside and outside was very beautiful. I was amazed when Amanda had told us that the church was being built about the time that Ellis Island had opened and that the Irish immigrants had used every penny they had to build the church which showed that there was a lot of meaning behind it and I from what I saw, you could tell that they had put great work into building it. After going to the church I realized that I really had a thing for older churches. I just love how they look, the architect of them, and there just tends to be a lot of meaning behind the building itself and that is what I love most. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was just a great site to see.

Lastly we went to top of the rock and let me tell you that I was a little frightened. I am not a fan of heights so I was a little scared when we were flying up to the top on the elevator but once we got up there it was truly an amazing site. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

The day was a good last one even though I think that Day two was my favorite day. I loved everything that we visited. I am going to miss New York and all the places it has to offer. If I were ever to get a good job there I would take it in a heartbeat! It was a fun trip and I hope to visit sometime soon.