Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Night in NYC!

Broadway was the one big thing for me while I was in New York that I had to go to. My dream was to go to see Phantom of the Opera. Thats what I did. Brandon and I both bought tickets and we were seeing the 8 o clock show on Friday. We were so thrilled and our adreninal was going. Our brains and minds were in some many different places at once. We walked into the theatre and our hearts were racing. When I was younger my sister had seen Phantom on Broadway and I knew I wanted to see it as well. From growing up on watching the movie and listening to the music, my expectations were very high and the performance was sooooo much better then the movie. I couldnt take my eyes it for one second. So much just like the movie but at the same time there were small things that made the movie and the play different. Small things but those were the things i noticed. Some of the things they did to show off the talents of each performer was perfect and I would definitely go see this performance again.
After Brandon and I return to the bus it was all loud and fun inside. Our bus driver was totally up for partying with us. We cranked up the music and messed with the lights. Like a party! Funny thing was there was a group of people out on the street and were looking at the van like "umm what is going on?" We didnt care about them, we were having a blast and enjoying our last night in New York.

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