Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Memory

Today our class had a great first day in New York City. Personally, I learned so much more about New York and all the things that makes it special. But there where many things that had caught my eye when site seeing and touring. Remembering all those astonishing places, my favorite was St. Paul's church. Not only the story about the church and how it maintained to stay and not have any cracks in any windows or have any tombstones moved is outstanding and very surprising, but the emotional attachment it has with others is amazing and really touching.

Looking back at 9/11, I remember the day and watching tv, but only being in 4th grade I didnt understand what the buildings had ment or how important it was until after having being explained. Today when I was learning about the buildings and then we go to the church it was a really good experience that I would recommend to everyone. First thing I see when i walked in was the pictures of the people that helped and all I could realize is that it had to of been really hard to have to go through what was left of the buildings and the people that had died. The next big thing I remember seeing is all the pictures of people. I stopped and had a thought..."What would I do if someone I loved was in this accident?" or "Why did these people have to go through this tragedy and suffer?". It was hard to look at the pictures knowing that these people had bigger and better things they could be doing with their life to this day. Also looking at all the patches that were stacked was touching because it just brought back all the people and departments that had to be there and help to try and make things better for this city.

Such a lovely and peaceful building that holds such a strong background and meanign to the people of New York is what makes St. Paul's Church. It's a beautiful church and to have all those memories surround it along with the stories, made it my favorites place and I hope that everyone felt the same.

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