Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 2

Today I thought was a lot more exciting than yesterday. Not because yesterday was boring, but because yesterday was more of a day of sadness and a day that really hit home emotionally. Today had more happiness in the sight seeing.

Our first stop was the St. John. Cathedral which was huge. I was surprised with how massive it was. It was an amazing site and the tour guide helped a lot with how much information she knew. My favorite part about that stop was probably the peacock.

Our second stop was the apollo theater. I think that the theater would have been better to see when a show was going on, but it was still cool to see where some very famous have performed. I think that Billy made the tour exciting, with out him the tour would have been very boring.

Central park and the bicycles were my favorite part today. Getting to see the park and get some history at the same time is what made it my favorite part. It was information you can't get by just walking around by yourself. Not only was the park cool, but the buildings around the park were amazing too.

Today was a very fun and exciting. I look forward to tomorrows events.

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