Friday, May 4, 2012

New York: Day Three

First off I would just like to say that we had an awesome driver today! He might have scared the living crap out of us by driving so fast but he was super nice and reminded of the New Yorkers you would see on TV. At one point he actually rolled down his window and yelled at people and he would also honk at people. When we were driving back to the hotel he turned the mix up really loud and started flashing the inside lights, it was like having our own little party! Cool!

So besides having a really awesome driver, we visited the Council Foreign Relations or CFR. In the meeting with CFR with spoke with Ed Husain. Mr. Husain specializes in the Islam foreign relations and I learned a great deal about the events that have occurred over the last year in the major Islam areas. It was great to learn the Tunisia actually started the power of over throwing the government. The surrounding countries felt that if Tunisia, a little man, could do it then why couldn't they? While there we were allowed to take books and I actually took three. One is about the education reform in America. Another one is about the drug wars occurring in Mexico. Finally the last book is about the violence in Central America. I look forward to reading all of these books, especially the education one because I believe it will help me with Elementary Education major.

The second place we saw today was the Intrepid. I thought this place would have been interesting then it was. It was interesting only because of the military background I have.  Also my uncle is retired Navy so it was cool to take pictures and send them to him. I sent him on of an old missile and he said he actually had the chance to see a real one be blown up. Also, I saw the airplane that Will Smith hit golf balls off during the movie I Am Legend. We started to get hungry and decided to walk across the street and get some food from a street vender. Let me just say this, this is the worst experience I had New York while here. I don't have much to complain because if this is the worst it was for me, then I think I made off pretty well. Anyway the street vendor ended up charging four dollars for a tiny hotdog and five dollars for a bottle of water. It was beyond ridiculous  considering I had previously paid four dollars for TWO hotdogs. Needless to say I will never eat at this street vendor again and told all my friends not to eat there as well.

After that angry experience we went to pick up our tour guide and headed over to China Town. If you ever get the chance to come to New York you have to go China Town. It is whole another experience. It smells extremely weird and you feel like you're in foreign country rather than the other way around. I bought a pair of pants for ten dollars in China Town that would have costed 20 dollars in Times Square. DEAL!!!

Before dinner we went and walked around Saint Patricks Church. This is the second biggest church in New York and where Jackie Kennedy attended church when she was younger. Her family even donated a alter to the church which is prohibited from being photographed. : ( We didn't spend much time in here because we were on our way to the Rockefeller Center to go to the top of the rock! I for one did not like the elevator up or down! We had to ride the elevator all the way up to the 67 floor! It was crazy! Once we reached the top it was beyond amazing! It was seeing New York from a whole new persecutive. We could see all the places we had been in the past three days and all the places we hadn't been. We could even see New Jersey. Being at the top of the rock is probably one of my favorite experiences of the trip. Today was defiantly my favorite day of the trip though. Although my the end of the day I was ready to just sit down and stop walking on my feet. I never knew my feet could hurt so bad from this much walking. I have no idea how people do it here.

After the top of the rock we and ate at Mama Sabarro's. It was an Italian buffet, which was delicious! It also provided us with plenty of food to last us the next day also but we weren't able to save any of it. When dinner was done we went and walked around Times Square and had a blast on our last night! I can't wait to return sometime again! New York truly is an awesome place to visit.

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