Thursday, May 3, 2012


Saint Johns cathedral  was a awesome place it was built off the number 7 this sounds strange but it is true there is 7 windows, lights, chapels, pillars and many more things. This was truly a welcoming place and a amazing place i never expected it to be that big. The best thing i liked about the cathedral was the biblical garden.This had all the plants mentioned in the bible and it was really really cool.

The second thing we did was went to the Apollo theater this was a very interesting thing i never knew so many people  had preformed there and signed the wall. Billy was a great guy with a great story to tell us about his life.

The last thing we did was went on a bike tour through central park i also never knew there were so many things in new York there is so much history that goes with new York seems like every building has a story behind it i never knew that so many people had been there i guess i never really though about it.Everyday New York tends to impress me more and more.

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