Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 2 - Beauty of NYC

Day two of New York City was better than day one. I really enjoyed going to all the places and getting to explore the town a little more. The scenary and all the buildings were beautiful. If I were to choose my favorites places of the day, they would be St. John's the Divine and also going through Central Park. They caught my attention and just that they both had amazing details about them that made them stunning.

Starting the day off with St. John's the Divine was a great way to start. The architect was superb and there was so much that I learned more about the building then I did when I was researching the information for my presentation. I really liked the golden doors. They were 18x12 and one door had pictures from the old testament while the other one was about the new testament. Also the seven tongues was really cool and that every one was made different. The themes made it really interesting! But overall the cathedral was great! I would visit again any day.

The next best thing of the day was getting to ride on the bikes through central park. Our biker driver was really funny and gave us a great tour! Also getting to go see the fountain, and strawberry fields was a good time. But the best part was getting to know our driver and talking to him while he was showing us all the places that movies had taken place, where stars live, and also different things about people in the town. A good guide leads to a good tour!

Another great day in New York City and yet another day to experience so much more! It will be the last full day so I hope its a good one!

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