Wednesday, May 2, 2012


New York city  has been a amazing trip so far. Ellis island was a amazing part of the trip for me i learned a lot about the immigrants that came there. One of the main facts that i remember is that Ellis island took in around 12 million immigrants so a lot of family's started there and is one of the most important places in america.

The next place we went to is united nations this is where everyone meets to try to solver world issues were everyone's country counts as one vote no matter how many people from china to a really small populated country.This is a huge! place that helps the country out in many many ways.

The next place we visited with the many other little things we saw was ground zero and this was really crazy because you literally will never know until you go there just how big the buildings were and how many things changed i was in grade school when this happened and i remember seeing it on t.v. but i never ever thought i would get to see it, this was a very good time but also a really life changing time because of all the relisation of how much this really affected people.

Fun Facts i learned about New York

1.21,000 places to eat in the city
2.It is the smallest county in america
3. 178 McDonald's in the city
4.1 million come in to the city every day to go to work.
5.Freedom tower is going to be 1776 feet tall in honor of the declaration of independence.

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