Thursday, May 3, 2012

New York: Second Day

Today we visited a couple different places but my favorite places was the first place we visited, which was Saint John's Cathedral. This cathedral was HUGE!!! The door way alone stood 18 ft by 12 feet and there were two of them! Our tour guide had tons of knowledge on the cathedral which made it even more interesting. Did you know the cathedral is built in two different styles one is Roman and the other was Gothic. The cathedral is unfinished unfortunately : ( Even though people can tour the cathedral they still hold services there. It was also really interested because almost everything in the cathedral can be traced back to the number 7.

The picture above is the gothic part of the cathedral. It probably only represents about 1/4 of the length of the cathedral. Imagine something this HUGE!

Next we went to the Apollo Theatre. I'm not gonna lie this was only sort of interesting. I think it would have been more interesting to see an actual show. It was nice to hear Mr. Billy tell how about he started in the Apollo and has been there off and on for the past 48 years. It was also neat to hear all the stories of all the people he has met. On one of the walls in the theatre every person who has performed there has signed a wall. Seeing the signatures of famous people was pretty cool. I saw Taylor Swifts, 50 cents, and even Barack and Michelle Obama signatures. I'm sure not many people could say that.

After that we went to the metropolitan museum. There are 19 different divisions in the museum but we only had the chance to visit about 4 of them. I think my favorite piece had to be in the Roman era. It had tons of detail and was just overall fascinating. It was tomb stone that had a detailed carving of man and little girl with a sphinx on top. The sphinx was suppose to protect the dead from anything. The detail of the man was suppose to describe the lifestyle he lead. It was my favorite because of the detail and it was spectacular. It seemed as if everything else lacked a little detail, but I still liked visiting the museum. When we left the museum our tour guide, Gene Curran, had a surprise for us and it was a bike ride through Central Park.

Central Park and the tour was great! Our tour guide had great knowledge of the park and he was Russian so it may hard and interesting trying to understand the things he was saying. While in the park we visited Strawberry Field which Yoko Ono Lennon built after John Lennon was shot. It is a dedication to him. A list of countries is on a plaque when you first walk in and all those countries helped contribute to the park. That was pretty cool because its amazing to know this one man had a huge impact and still does on trying to accomplish world peace. It makes you wonder if these people were still around today would we be in all these conflict we are in today or would they have thought of solutions to them?

When we finished with the tours we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner and I will definitely be visiting that restaurant again when I return to New York. It was dinner and show. Wonderful! Be sure to go there if you visit!

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